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The research unit PEGASE (Physiology, Environment and Genetics for the Animal and Livestock Systems) was created on 1 January 2012 through the merger of two units, INRA-AGROCAMPUS OUEST GARen, PL and SENAH. 

It has facilities in 3 locations in the vinity of Rennes (Rennes, Méjusseaume and Saint-Gilles).

PEGASE represents a strong and ambitious community of 180 people working on animal biology and livestock systems with the ultimate goal to improve the sustainability and the competitiveness of animal production systems. 
More specifically, it aim to understand how the animal and livestock systems adapt to current and future conditions and challenges.

The PEGASE research unit is organised in 7 research teams, 2 support teams, and 2 experimental facilities, working closely together on joint research and education mission:

  • Research group in Systems: Dairy Systems; Swine Systems

  • Research group in Animal: Lactation; Adaptation; Growth

  • Research group in Resources: Genetics & Genomics; Feeding & Nutrition

  • Experimental Facilities: Dairy Production; Swine Production





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